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Survivor's Stories
Major Albert W. Erickson, 71st Infantry, Philippine Army
Jack H. Heinzel, Colonel, USAF, Ret.

Dedicated to Non-Survivors
Michael F. Wolf, 28 April 1919 - 15 Dec 1944, U.S. Army Air Corps, Pacific Theater - Is having a bridge in his hometown named after him.
New oryokumaru.com - This new Web site is created by the grandson of Lt. Walter A. Kelso, Jr., 27 November 1917 - 4 February 1945.

Hell Ship Pages
The Hell Ships of World War II - Americans know very little about them.
Outline of Events - Timeline of events from the Battling Bastards of Bataan Web site.
Twelve Hundred Days - Page 16 from the online biography of Russell A. Grokett, Sr..
Hell Ships - A page from the Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Foundation of New Mexico, Inc. Web site.

For Further Research
Never Forgotten - Story of the Japanese POW Camps on the island of Taiwan (Formosa) during the Second World War and of the men who were interned in them.
New Prisoner of War Camp #1, Fukuoka, Japan - An insight into life and death at a POW camp in wartime Japan, by Wes Injerd.

Email List
family-japanese-pow - Newly established to help all persons who wish to exchange information relating to Prisoners of War of the Japanese during World War II.

Memorial Day
Memorial Day - Memorial Day history.

World War II
War Times Journal Interview with Guy Gabaldon - An amazing story.
World War II Memorial - President Signs Legislation to Expedite Construction of the WWII Memorial.

Belly of the Beast - This book has just been published!

Captured on Corregidor by John M. Wright, Jr., Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. ISBN 0-912697-13-X. See review below by Ms. Tucker St. John.

There are two often seen dates of death for the Oryoku Maru prisoners. They are December 15, 1944 and January 9, 1945. The conditions aboard the Oryoku Maru and the sequence of events leading to the large loss of lives on December 15, 1944 are fairly well known.

Perhaps less is known of the bombing of the Enoura Maru in Takao harbor, Formosa (Taiwan) on January 9, 1945. An excellent description of the bombing and the resultant deaths, including deaths that occurred later from injuries, may be found in "Captured on Corregidor - Diary of an American P.O.W in World War II" by John M. Wright, Jr. The description begins on page 121.

Major Wright's book is fairly easy to obtain. Bookstores may currently order the book from the publisher, but the wait is a long one. There are many used copies available. I found mine through the used book offerings at Amazon. Barnes and Noble also have used copies.

Major Wright is still living and resides in California. He often gives lectures and still works to bring information and understanding of those days to the public.

Some Survived by Manny Lawton, published 1984, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. ISBN 0-912697-13-X. Out of print so you have to find a used copy.

On Video
History Channel - Japanese War Crimes: Murder Under the Sun

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