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01/28/02 Finished transfer of site from Geocities. Geocities was a fine place to start the site, it was free, but the ads grew bigger and bigger and became entirely inappropriate to the content of the Oryoku Maru Online. Decision made to pay for this ad-free Web space.

01/13/02 From the war crimes trial, uploaded the deposition of Lt. Colonel Ovid "Zero" O. Wilson. We thank Jane Charmelo for so kindly contributing this deposition. Added a page from a newsletter that Ms. Bruun found in a box of letters that belonged to her mother. It mentions Ms. Bruun's daddy by name and details his movements up until the time he boarded the Oryoku Maru.

01/12/02 Added articles six and seven of George Weller's series. Added a new link to oryokumaru.com, a site built by our friend Mark Kelso who is the grandson of Lt. Walter A. Kelso, Jr., a non-survivor. Mark has conducted extensive research and his site contains photos and text from documents he collected from the National Archives. Added a photo of the Oryoku Maru before it was used as a prison ship. Contributed by Hisashi Noma.

01/11/02 Added articles four and five of George Weller's series. Added a new URL about prison camp Fukuoka #1 to the Web Resources page.

11/27/01 Added article three of George Weller's series.

The deposition is presented in its entirety, beginning in April 1942 with the surrender of Bataan to the Japanese. The deposition ends at Camp#3, Fukuoka, Japan and includes the seven weeks of the Oryoku Maru Odyssey. Contributed by Jane.

10/15/01 Photos of Lt. Toshino and Mr. Wada added to the Photo page. Contributed by Mark Kelso.

10/11/01 Print of the Oryoku Maru created and contributed by Mark Kelso.

08/15/01 Set of 14 newspaper articles written by George Weller and published in 1945 in the Chicago Daily News were received by the Oryoku Maru Online for inclusion on the Web site. Contributed by Jim Erickson. Go to first article.

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