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June 15, 2001

Veterans of the Greatest Generation are passing away; one thousand of them per day. We need a place of remembrance to record their experiences for future generations.

If you have anything pertinent to The Oryoku Maru Story that you want to share with other visitors we will find a place for it. Submissions may be in the form of an essay, article, legal document, or photos. I'm not sure what this page will become but I'm praying for the Lord to lead us to make it whatever it should be. We will wait to see if there's any response and we will either keep this page or not. Thank you, everyone, for visiting the Oryoku Maru Online.

For submissions please write:

January 14, 2002

From the war crimes trial, the complete deposition of Lt. Colonel Ovid "Zero" O. Wilson. Graciously submitted by Jane.

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January 12, 2002

A photo of the Oryoku Maru before she was used as a prison ship. Kindly submitted by Mr. Hisashi Noma.

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October 15, 2001

Photos of Lt. Toshino and Mr. Wada submitted by Mr. Kelso, grandson of Lt. Walter A. Kelso, Jr., who has conducted extensive research at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) located in College Park, Maryland. Again Mr. Kelso, we are grateful for your contribution.

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October 11, 2001

This maritime print was created by Mark Kelso who worked on it in his free time over the course of eight months. After acquiring a copy of the original Mitsubishi naval architect drawing from the exhibits file of the Toshino war crimes trial, he scanned the original, shrunk it, cleaned up the lines then used art software to do the coloring. It was done pixel by pixel to ensure quality, resulting is a final product that is outstanding. Mark Kelso's grandfather was Lt. Walter A. Kelso, Jr., who died 6 days after the Brazil Maru docked in Japan. Thank you Mr. Kelso, for your contribution.

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August 15, 2001

Set of 14 newspaper articles were received by the Oryoku Maru Online for inclusion on the Web site. We are honored that Mr. Jim Erickson, son of Albert W. Erickson who was a survivor of the Oryoku Maru voyage, considers this site a worthy repository for these articles. Thank you so much Mr. Erickson for sharing your family scrapbook with readers.

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